Veterans’ Affairs

I believe that the government must keep its pledge to all of our veterans. They have served this nation with honor, and we owe them our freedom.


At home, I am proud to be a farmer by trade. In Washington, I fight to ensure that our family farms and ranches can thrive and continue to produce the safest, most affordable supply of food and fiber in the history of the world.


I support an “all of the above” energy agenda that can create new American jobs, decrease our dependence on foreign oil, and promote efficient usage of energy here at home.


I believe in a strong national defense, and work diligently to provide our armed forces with the tools they need to prevail in protecting our country and its citizens.

Health Care

We need real health care reform in this country that lowers costs, maintains options, reduces the uninsured population, and expand access.


I am working to see our borders secured and our immigration laws enforced, allowing legal immigration and naturalization.


I want American families to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks, and the federal government to rein in its out-of-control spending.


I will continue to fight for reform of our tax code. And I want it done without raising taxes on our country’s workers.


Our national debt level is unacceptable. Wasteful government spending abounds. I am working every day for real deficit reduction, a common-sense tax system, and a balanced budget that will eliminate misuse of the taxpayers’ money.

Social Security

Social Security is a promise made to each generation–I am fighting to make good on that pledge.