Frank’s Committees


I am honored to serve my fellow Oklahomans on three committees in the United State House of Representatives. It is here that legislation is reviewed and amended and discussed, and that much of the work of Congress takes place.

I am a senior member of the Committee on Financial Services. In this position I work daily to ensure that rural Oklahomans have access to the credit and capital necessary to build businesses and pursue happiness. I also work in this committee to protect the hard-earned savings of older Oklahomans from harmful financial policies coming out of Washington.

I also serve on the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. This is a venue where I am able to advocate for Oklahoma’s energy technology and aerospace industries. It is also where I am fighting to hold the EPA accountable and ensure that science, not politics, governs federal environmental policy.

Of course, being a farmer and rancher who just happens to serve in Congress, I also continue to sit on the Agriculture Committee. It was from this committee that I had the humbling privilege to make history as the first Oklahoman to ever be elected Chairman. Working hard and using our state’s common-sense approach to good government, we were able to pass the landmark 2014 farm bill that reformed food stamps for the first time in a generation and that repealed or consolidated almost 100 government programs. This legislation saved the American taxpayers over $40 billion while also maintaining a strong free market-oriented safety net for farmers and delivering sorely-needed drought relief for ranchers.

You can learn more about my work on your behalf in these three committees by visiting their websites:

Financial Services

Science, Space, & Technology