Enid News & Eagle: “Vote For Frank Lucas.”

Frank Lucas a proven leader Republicans should vote to keep strong voice for 3rd Congressional District Oklahoma’s sprawling 3rd Congressional District reaches from the Tulsa area all the way to the far reaches of the Panhandle, and from the Kansas line to the Texas line. It covers some diverse areas, from populations centers such as Enid, Ponca City, Stillwater and parts of the Oklahoma City metro area, to the wide open spaces of Northwest Oklahoma. Since 1994, the seat in the U.S. House has been occupied by Cheyenne farmer and rancher Frank Lucas. In Tuesday’s primary … [Read more...]

Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration

President Obama is attempting to take executive action on immigration, without going through Congress. Do you agree with the President's unilateral, "go it alone" approach? Or do you believe that the President should work with Congress and address the core issues we face, like securing our border? . … [Read more...]

Eliminate the Death Tax

You might agree with me that Americans are already taxed too much. On top of being over-taxed in just about every way, the government has the idea that they can tax you after death as well, putting a potential burden on families after losing a loved one. This is ridiculous. It's time to eliminate the absurd "death tax" now. Sign the petition if you agree. . … [Read more...]

First Ag Chair to Reduce the Size of Government

Frank Lucas is the first Agriculture Committee Chairman to reduce the size of government. Under Frank Lucas and Republicans in Congress, EPA funding has been reduced by 20 percent. As the Agriculture Committee Chairman, Lucas reduced the size of the Farm Bill, while improving risk management and lowering spending on food stamps.. … [Read more...]

Say NO to the UN Arms Treaty

If you believe in our Second Amendment rights and say "NO" to the over-reaching UN Arms Treaty, please sign the petition below. . … [Read more...]