True Grit – Western Oklahoma Style

By Paul Laubach The day was Thurs., June 20, 2013. Rep. Colin Peterson, D-Minn., the ranking minority member of the House Agriculture Committee walked over and told Chairman Frank Lucas, R-Okla. that he’d just lost most of his caucuses’ votes with the passage of what he considered a “poison amendment” before the pending final vote on the Farm Bill. Shortly after that, a majority leadership member walked over and asked Lucas on the House floor what he wanted to do. Lucas said, “Run the bill!” Lucas had a good idea of what was fixing to happen, but he chose to proceed. In a stunning … [Read more...]

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Our Congressman Oklahoma's Own Frank Lucas has given a lifetime of service to Oklahoma, as a legislator and representative of rural Oklahoma values at the state and federal level for more than 17 years. Learn More ». … [Read more...]