House Agriculture Committee Chairman

Agri Pulse In this wide ranging interview, House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas, R-Okla., shares his thoughts about why it was so difficult to pass a new farm bill and his perspective on issues like the definition of “actively engaged” as USDA works on implementation. The Oklahoma Republican is also concerned about pending rules and regulations regarding the EPA’s proposed rule on the “waters of the U.S.” and how it impacts the ability of farmers and ranchers to make a living off the land. . … [Read more...]

True Grit – Western Oklahoma Style

By Paul Laubach The day was Thurs., June 20, 2013. Rep. Colin Peterson, D-Minn., the ranking minority member of the House Agriculture Committee walked over and told Chairman Frank Lucas, R-Okla. that he’d just lost most of his caucuses’ votes with the passage of what he considered a “poison amendment” before the pending final vote on the Farm Bill. Shortly after that, a majority leadership member walked over and asked Lucas on the House floor what he wanted to do. Lucas said, “Run the bill!” Lucas had a good idea of what was fixing to happen, but he chose to proceed. In a stunning … [Read more...]

We Still Have Work To Do!

Friends, I wanted to reach out and let you know that I am going to seek re-election to the United States House of Representatives. Each day I remember that you have given me a sacred trust to guarantee that the values of rural America and my fellow Oklahomans are defended, and that our voices are heard in Washington. We must not tire in our work to repeal ObamaCare, protect our Second Amendment rights, and secure our country's borders. As a lifelong Oklahoman I know that my friends and neighbors want to operate their businesses and raise their families without government … [Read more...]

Stand with Hobby Lobby

We must stand up against attacks on religious liberty. Obamacare's mandate for employers to provide birth control to employees is reprehensible and must be repealed. If companies like Hobby Lobby don't want to offer it to their employees, it is not the role of government to force them to. Sign the petition and show your support for Hobby lobby and companies like them. -Frank . … [Read more...]

Congressman Discusses New Farm Bill

Altus Times Congressman Frank Lucas held a Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, March 19, in Council Chambers of the Altus Municipal Complex to discuss events in Washington D.C., and to take comments and questions from the citizens of Altus and Jackson County. Congressman Lucas, House Representative for the Third District of Oklahoma and Chairman of the House Committee of Agriculture, reported that the new Farm Bill passed through Congress is “different” than the previous Bill, and has realized $23 billion in savings. “We actually now have a Farm Bill that passed through Congress, signed … [Read more...]