Our Veterans Deserve Better

As the son of a Korean War veteran I am committed to keeping our nation's promises to its fighting men and women. The Obama Administration has promised VA reform for years, but the latest VA scandal that caused unacceptable backlogs and delays of care and ended with the Director's resignation is a sign priorities have been misplaced. Our veterans have selflessly served and made enormous sacrifices. They deserve better care. . … [Read more...]

New Ad: Pardon Me

Check out our latest TV ad! Frank Lucas is a proven leader for commonsense conservative policy in Congress. Sign up below and join him! . … [Read more...]

Stand Up For Civil Liberties

The Obama Administration and big government Washington insiders have gone too far. Invading privacy without probable cause and disregarding American citizens' civil liberties must stop. I am fighting to stop the NSA's spying on American citizens and protect basic rights. I need your support in this effort. Please sign my petition today and let's make a stand together. -Frank Lucas . … [Read more...]

First Ag Chair to Reduce the Size of Government

Frank Lucas is the first Agriculture Committee Chairman to reduce the size of government. Under Frank Lucas and Republicans in Congress, EPA funding has been reduced by 20 percent. As the Agriculture Committee Chairman, Lucas reduced the size of the Farm Bill, while improving risk management and lowering spending on food stamps.. … [Read more...]

House Agriculture Committee Chairman

Agri Pulse In this wide ranging interview, House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas, R-Okla., shares his thoughts about why it was so difficult to pass a new farm bill and his perspective on issues like the definition of “actively engaged” as USDA works on implementation. The Oklahoma Republican is also concerned about pending rules and regulations regarding the EPA’s proposed rule on the “waters of the U.S.” and how it impacts the ability of farmers and ranchers to make a living off the land. . … [Read more...]