Executive order on immigration would jeopardize border security

Ripon Advance Rep. Frank Lucas (R-Okla.) said on Monday that President Obama’s executive order on immigration would jeopardize the security of U.S. borders and would fail to prevent illegal aliens from coming to the United States. Obama announced earlier this month that he would take executive action to prevent up to 5 million undocumented immigrants from being deported, USA Today reports. “Rather than working with Congress on the issue of immigration, President Obama has declared amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants,” Lucas said. “The president’s brazen use of executive … [Read more...]

Frank Lucas on Agri Pulse

Agri Pulse House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas persevered with agriculture groups and congressional leaders to bring a new farm bill to law. In the 114th Congress, Lucas says he'll be diligent to protect funding for the risk management tools he sees essential for the nation's farmers and ranchers. Lucas favors Trade Promotion Authority for the administration and supports incoming committee chairman Congressman Mike Conaway's plans for hearings on nutrition and other aspects of farm policy. Click here to listen to the interview: Open Mic with Frank Lucas. … [Read more...]

Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration

President Obama is attempting to take executive action on immigration, without going through Congress. Do you agree with the President's unilateral, "go it alone" approach? Or do you believe that the President should work with Congress and address the core issues we face, like securing our border? . … [Read more...]

Eliminate the Death Tax

You might agree with me that Americans are already taxed too much. On top of being over-taxed in just about every way, the government has the idea that they can tax you after death as well, putting a potential burden on families after losing a loved one. This is ridiculous. It's time to eliminate the absurd "death tax" now. Sign the petition if you agree. . … [Read more...]

Frank Lucas Talks Farm Policy

OCPA’s Brian Bush recently sat down in the OCPA library with Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas to talk about the farm bill, crop insurance, and more. BUSH: Congressman Lucas, thanks for making the time to return to OCPA today. LUCAS: Thanks for having me, Brian. It’s good to be back. This institution is continuing to make valuable contributions to Oklahoma’s public life. I always enjoy reading Perspective each month. BUSH: As chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, you are most known for your work on the farm bill. Let’s start by discussing what exactly the “farm bill” … [Read more...]