Frank Lucas is a proud product of the common-sense values of Oklahoma. He fights for Constitutional, conservative policies as a Member of Congress representing the Third Congressional District and he is a tireless crusader for less government spending and lower taxes.

As a senior member of the Committee on Financial Services Lucas works daily to ensure that rural Oklahomans have access to the credit and capital necessary to build businesses and pursue happiness. Lucas is a passionate protector of the hard-earned savings of older Oklahomans from harmful federal financial policies. Lucas also sits on the Science, Space, & Technology Committee where he is able to advocate for Oklahoma’s energy technology and aerospace industries. It is also where Lucas fights to hold the EPA accountable and ensure that science, not politics, governs federal environmental policy.

As a lifelong farmer and rancher, Lucas has been a central figure in shaping agriculture policy in Congress. In January 2011 he made history as the first Oklahoman to ever be elected as Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture. Working hard and using Oklahoma’s common-sense approach to good government, Lucas led the committee to pass the landmark 2014 farm bill that reformed food stamps for the first time in a generation and that repealed or consolidated almost 100 government programs. This legislation saved the American taxpayers over $40 billion while also maintaining a strong free market-oriented safety net for farmers and delivering sorely-needed drought relief for ranchers.

DSC_9049 Lucas has fought to protect traditional Oklahoma values. He supported legislation to define the institution of marriage as between one man and one woman. When federal court rulings from liberal judges threatened to have the phrase “under God” removed from the Pledge of Allegiance, Lucas moved quickly to author legislation to protect the Pledge for American schoolchildren. Lucas has served as a defender of the private property rights of Oklahomans, and of their right to bear arms.

Lucas believes the best way he can represent Oklahomans is by staying close to his roots in Roger Mills County. When he’s not voting in Washington, he travels home to work on his farm and cattle ranch with his wife, Lynda. Lucas graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1982 with a degree in Agricultural Economics. Frank and Lynda have three children and two grandchildren..