We Still Have Work To Do!


I wanted to reach out and let you know that I am going to seek re-election to the United States House of Representatives. Each day I remember that you have given me a sacred trust to guarantee that the values of rural America and my fellow Oklahomans are defended, and that our voices are heard in Washington.

We must not tire in our work to repeal ObamaCare, protect our Second Amendment rights, and secure our country’s borders. As a lifelong Oklahoman I know that my friends and neighbors want to operate their businesses and raise their families without government interference. I’m committed to continuing my work to reduce our staggering national debt, balance the budget, and maintain a strong military so that we may remain free and prosperous.

During the most recent session of Congress I led efforts to end the federal government’s buy-up of ammunition and enacted the first reforms to food stamps in a generation.

I have been a staunch opponent of EPA attempts to overregulate farming and ranching operations, and as the first Oklahoman in history to Chair the House Agriculture Committee I oversaw passage of legislation that repealed or merged nearly 100 government programs, saving the taxpayers $23 billion.

Even during these challenging times we must remember that Constitutional, conservative principles have and can help us move this country forward. This land is our legacy, and for our children and grandchildren we must work diligently to preserve a great nation that is free, just, and prosperous.

We still have work to do. Please, click here and join our team today. My wife, Lynda, and I are grateful to you for your continued support.

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