Always Good To Be Home!

When Congress recesses I don’t like to stick around Washington. My role representing you in Washington can only be successfully fulfilled if I am able to be back in Oklahoma as much as possible. Talking with you about your concerns, informing you of my work on your behalf, and simply visiting with my neighbors ensure I represent Oklahomans’ real world values.

Recently, I conducted town hall meetings in Pawnee, Pawhuska, Skiatook, Stillwater, Cushing, and Guthrie. I’m a great believer in the value of these forums. These are an opportunity for Oklahomans to voice their views on the nation’s business in a local setting, looking me straight in the eye. I value the exchange of ideas and the privilege of visiting so many of our state’s wonderful communities; from Boise City to Chandler, from Hollis to Sapulpa, I learn a great deal at each stop on this annual tour. While each community voiced different concerns about the challenges facing the country today there were some consistent views expressed: namely, that the federal government must live within its means, and that the Obama Administration must be held accountable.

When I came home this past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting with the Logan County Republican Party in Guthrie, and before flying to Washington I was able to spend Monday evening with the Canadian County Republican Party in Mustang. These energetic, committed activists affirmed the constitutional, conservative viewpoint that many of their friends and neighbors communicated at the town hall meetings the week before. It was good to spend time with grassroots Republicans; having previously served as Roger Mills County Republican Party Chairman and as 6th Congressional District Republican Party Chairman I appreciate the many hours of volunteer labor and the tireless enthusiasm that are necessary to keep the GOP a viable political force in our state.

This week I’m in back in Washington working to reduce spending and to hold the Obama Administration accountable. I undertake these tasks with confidence because I have looked my constituents in the eye and they have made their will abundantly clear. I’m working towards enactment of the FairTax, which would abolish the IRS and unleash our dynamic economy. I’m a co-sponsor of legislation that would impanel a bipartisan Select Committee to investigate President Obama’s response to the attack in Benghazi. And, I’m leading the charge to reform food stamps and make advertising of food stamps illegal both in the USA and abroad.

As always, please stay in touch and learn more about my work on your behalf via e-mail,, and be sure to “Like!” my Facebook page and follow me, @FrankDLucas, on Twitter. I continue to consider myself blessed to represent you in Washington.