Job Creation is Key to Restoring America’s Economy

We need more jobs.

Our country’s economy is still struggling and the government’s trillions of dollars in spending and continued red tape has not helped to restore our economic growth. With May’s unemployment numbers showing 13.9 million Americans unable to find a job, we need something to change.

House Republicans have unveiled their Plan for America’s Job Creators that will combat unemployment in the Third Congressional District of Oklahoma as well as the nation.

Changes to our tax code are one of the most important things we must implement. By changing the tax rate to be 25 percent or less for businesses and individuals, we will help spur on economic expansion and create more jobs for our American workers.

Fair trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea are currently waiting to be passed. With the passage of these agreements, markets will be opened to U.S. exports which will help create a demand for more workers at home.

The plan also points to growing our domestic energy production. Our state has long been a leader in producing energy, ever since we established our first oil refinery in the late 1800s. Now, our recent advancements in the wind energy field have made us the 9th largest producer in the nation. By encouraging energy exploration, this plan will help create more jobs in our country as well as reduce the economic burden high energy prices have on American families.

I am glad that our leaders in Congress are looking for solutions and with the ideas outlined in this plan, I know we can move forward and create jobs to expand the American economy.