Heeding the public

Enid News By: Staff September 5, 2011 ENID — Congress is held in incredibly low regard. In fact, a recent poll showed 87 percent of Americans disapprove of the job lawmakers are doing. So, what do lawmakers do? Go out and try to explain their actions to constituents? No. Instead, a great many of them didn’t bother talking to their constituents at all. Many members of Congress decided to use the summer recess for something other than meeting the people who elected them. The longtime tradition of the town hall meeting took a beating. Two years ago, lawmakers hosted more than … [Read more...]

U.S. Rep. Lucas warns of financial ticking time bomb

The Alva Review By: Jim Stout September 1, 2011 Washington leadership and the main stream media aren’t facing the financial realities of a two-front crisis, U.S. Congressman Frank Lucas told two-dozen community leaders Wednesday at a Town Hall meeting in Northwestern’s Ranger room. First, Lucas has doubts about whether the current approach to solving the national debt will be able to come forward with a working solution. That could lead to another overthrow in the next elections. Second, his colleagues and the media are ignoring a “ticking time bomb” when the tax cuts of the … [Read more...]

Lucas: Committee unified in protecting farm safety net

Farm to Market Radio News Radio 1420 By: Texas Farm Bureau August 26, 2011 House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R-Okla.) is collaborating with Ranking Member Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) to unify both sides of the committee in shaping the upcoming farm bill and protecting the farm safety net, as he indicated in an inte Following the August recess, House Agriculture Committee members will be charged with making recommendations to the Super Committee—a group of 12 Congressmen from both the House and Senate and both political parties that will make significant cuts to the … [Read more...]

House Ag Chairman Frank Lucas Working on Budget Ideas on Agriculture for Super Committee

Oklahoma Farm Report By: Ron Hays August 23, 2011 The Chairman of the House Ag Committee, Frank Lucas, is spending this week making multiple stops in his vast Third Congressional District as he holds Town Hall Meetings. The first of those meetings this week was held Tuesday morning in Clinton, Oklahoma, and Chairman Lucas spent a few minutes before the start of the Meeting with Farm Director Ron Hays as they talked about the budget reductions that will be decided upon this fall by the Super Committee- and how they relate back to the 2012 farm bill. Congressman Lucas told the … [Read more...]

Congressman Lucas ready to start farm bill process

High Plains Midwest Ag Journal By: Doug Rich August 19, 2011 Rep. Frank Lucas (R-OK) said the biggest challenge facing Congress as they prepare to debate a new farm bill is the number of freshmen on the House Ag Committee and the number of freshmen in the House of Representatives as a whole. Lucas spoke by phone from Washington, D.C., to members of the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association during their annual convention held July 28 to 30 in Midwest City, Okla. This is the third year that Lucas has led the Republican side of the House Ag Committee. This year he is the ranking member … [Read more...]