CFTC’s Powers Need Adjustments, Says House Agriculture Chairman

CQ By: Ellen Ferguson July 19, 2011 The House Agriculture chairman told a business group Tuesday that the panel will act soon on legislation “designed to ensure that regulators don’t keep rushing forward without regard for America’s farmers, ranchers and Main Street businesses.” Rep. Frank D. Lucas, R-Okla., said the committee will focus “in the coming weeks” on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which falls under the panel’s jurisdiction. He repeated his concerns that the agency’s expanded authority to set the terms for the trading of over-the-counter derivatives could … [Read more...]

Job Creation is Key to Restoring America’s Economy

We need more jobs. Our country’s economy is still struggling and the government’s trillions of dollars in spending and continued red tape has not helped to restore our economic growth. With May’s unemployment numbers showing 13.9 million Americans unable to find a job, we need something to change. House Republicans have unveiled their Plan for America’s Job Creators that will combat unemployment in the Third Congressional District of Oklahoma as well as the nation. Changes to our tax code are one of the most important things we must implement. By changing the tax rate to be 25 … [Read more...]

Implementation of Free Trade Agreements Should Happen Now

Action on free trade must happen NOW The government continues to delay in implementing three important free trade agreements. These pending agreements are with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea and with each passing delay, the United States loses ground to market competitors in these countries. These agreements have already been negotiated and signed with only a Congressional vote needed to make their passage a reality. Once passed, these agreements would increase agricultural exports by almost $3 billion and spur the creation of tens of thousands on jobs in the United … [Read more...]

Lucas and Roberts respond to President’s Debt Plan

The President’s Debt Plan shows a lack of understanding of the agriculture community. Our country’s debt is a major issue for our country that affects everyone in the nation. In order for something to be done, it is understood that cuts will have to be made and the agricultural community is willing to play its part. However, President Obama’s debt reduction plan that he claims will also spur economic growth has its priorities misplaced. The goals that he has placed in his plan show that his administration doesn’t understand how their proposed changes to United States’ … [Read more...]

Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome! Please take some time to look around and see all the changes we have made. I will be using this website to keep in touch with the people of Oklahoma’s 3rd Congressional District. Be sure to visit our News page frequently to see what I am working on in Washington on behalf of the people of Oklahoma. Also, make sure you “like” our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. These two sites are a great way to keep in contact with what we will be doing! . … [Read more...]