Talking Farm Bill Endgame with House Ag Committee Chair Frank Lucas- Our Exclusive Conversation

Oklahoma Farm Report

We just wrapped up a seventeen minute conversation with the Chairman of the House Ag Committee, Oklahoma Third District Congressman Frank Lucas. Lucas is preparing to kick off the Farm Bill Conference Process later today with a meeting with his ranking member, Collin Peterson and the Senate Ag Leadership, Chairlady Debbie Stabenow and top Republican Thad Cochran.

Lucas confirms he will chair the Conference and is hopeful to get the full Conference Committee into the same room in the “near future.” That will be a time to allow for one and all to make their statements about what they want- then to adjourn to continue to work on issues that can be resolved on a staff to staff basis.

Lucas continues to see the Commodity Title with the significantly different philosophies of the Senate and the House as being a difficult resolution, along with how a compromise on nutrition can be brokered as the two issues that will make finishing a Conference Report difficult.

Lucas says he is committed to resolving all the issues and finishing the project before the end of the calendar year- adding that the sooner that the Ag Committees can finish their work and get out of the way- the better off agriculture will be in the environment of budgetary battles that will continue into the new year.

Listen to the full conversation by clicking here!.

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