5 Reasons We Should Pass The Farm Bill Now


It is an honor for me to serve you as the first Oklahoman to lead the House Agriculture Committee. I’m proud to report that I’ve led the Committee to enact the first meaningful farm bill reform in a generation. An intensive two year audit of every aspect of federal agriculture programs along with three years of debate and over forty hearings culminated recently in the passage of H. R. 2642, The Federal Agriculture Reform & Risk Management (FAARM) Act of 2013, by the United States House of Representatives..

5 Reasons We Should Pass The Farm Bill Now

The FAARM Act is the most significant farm program spending cut in history, reducing or consolidating over 100 government programs. Here are a few facts:

1. It repeals the Direct Payment Program and abolishes payments going to those who do not actually farm.

2. It repeals 1940s-era permanent farm law and replaces it with a cost-effective, market-oriented risk management option that offers assistance to farmers and ranchers only when significant losses are suffered.

3. FAARM also strengthens crop insurance, a successful public-private partnership in which producers must have “skin in the game” to participate.

4. FAARM also is the largest government regulatory relief bill to be voted on in 2013, protecting farmers and ranchers from EPA overreach.

5. Most importantly the FAARM Act fulfills the Constitutional responsibility to “provide for the common defense” by assisting American farmers and ranchers in their endeavor to produce a reliable food and fiber supply that strengthens our national security.

Our nation can only defend itself if it can feed itself.

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