Coverage from Oklahoma and across the nation of Congressman Lucas’s passage of the FAARM Act out of the House Agriculture Committee on 12-July, 2012…

From Farm Bureau: “The House agriculture committee early Thursday voted to pass its version of a new farm bill that cuts $12 billion more from the food stamps program than a Senate bill passed last month and adds several new crop insurance and price support programs to protect farmers during natural disasters or when prices fall.
’Today marked an important step forward in the development of the next farm bill,’ said Representative Frank D. Lucas, Republican of Oklahoma and chairman of the House agriculture committee. ‘This is a balanced, reform-minded, fiscally responsible bill that underscores our commitment to production agriculture and rural America, achieves real savings and improves program efficiency.’ ”

From The Clinton Daily News: “Lucas knows firsthand how risky it is to make a living on the farm…As chair of the Ag Committee, it is Lucas’s job to make representatives from the big cities grasp what life is like on the family farm…we believe that under Lucas’s common-sense, reform-minded approach, the nation as a whole will benefit.”

From “Set in the blue and gold décor of the old Agriculture Committee rooms, the proceedings had an air of folksy formality. Lucas, the onetime Oklahoma rancher — his wife now heads the family’s cow-calf operation at home — moved his herd along — always careful to include Democrats and even allowing himself to be overruled on voice votes.
‘I know how risky it is to make a living as a farmer,’ Lucas told the panel in opening the markup. “I still check the weather every day, usually multiple times a day because I know at a moment’s notice a dream crop can turn into a disaster.
‘I’ve said this many times before, but it is worth saying again: A safety net is written with bad times in mind. These programs should not guarantee that the good times are the best but, rather, that the bad times are manageable.’ ”

From the Oklahoma Farm Report: “I think we’ve got a good, workable bill and I won’t deny for a moment that 35-to-11 vote which surprised many people, myself included, represented the traditional bipartisan spirit of the agriculture committee that when it’s time to craft national farm policy, comprehensive farm policy, we still will work our way to a point where we can work together in an overwhelming way. And 35 to 11 is an overwhelming margin, especially in the body I work in today.” – Chairman Frank Lucas

From the National Journal: “It took until nearly 1 a.m. Thursday morning, but the House Agriculture Committee was able to pass its Farm Bill after a marathon markup.”

From“The House Agriculture Committee approved the 2012 farm bill early Thursday morning in a 35-11 vote. The strong vote —which took place just before 1 a.m. — on the $957 billion farm subsidy and nutrition measure was a major victory for Chairman Frank Lucas (R-Okla.) and ranking member Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) who had risked angering factions in their own parties to forge a compromise bill.”

From ProFarmer:”House Ag Chairman Frank Lucas (R-Okla.) and Peterson scored a big win and unlike the Senate Ag Committee provided members with extended time to bring up their amendments. The next hurdle is whether or not and when House GOP leaders bring the matter to the floor, as some observers think that may not happen until after Nov.6 elections. But the broad support for the measure will likely up the odds of eventual House consideration.”

From E&E: “It is a tough farm bill, but a fair one,” Agriculture Chairman Frank Lucas (R-Okla.) said at the beginning of the long markup. “We face huge deficits and the heavy burden of debt.”

From CQ/Roll Call:
”It took them until after midnight to do it, but House Agriculture Chairman Frank Lucas and ranking Democrat Collin Peterson shepherded their farm bill through committee with its key provisions untouched.”

From Agri-Pulse:“Chairman Frank Lucas, R-Okla., masterfully marched through the bill, title-by-title, with Ranking Member Collin Peterson, D-Minn., at his side, as the two moved mostly in lockstep to keep the fragile coalition they had forged focused on final approval. Lucas prodded and pulled to keep members of his caucus who sought far deeper cuts and more substantial reforms from derailing support for the bill.”

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